I help women over 50 who've suffered a loss, overcome belly-bloat, brain-fog and burn-out to harness their second wind and sail confidently into their best life ever.

Denise Sherman

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

I help women over 50 who've suffered a loss, overcome belly-bloat, brain-fog and burn-out to harness their second wind and sail confidently into their best life ever.

Denise Sherman

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Areas of Expertise

  • Licensed Practical Nurse 1995

  • Registered Aromatherapist 2002

  • Registered Yoga Teacher 2005

  • Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach 2018

  • The Health Professional Academy/Awakened Healers 2020

  • Has written articles for various publications including Natural Awakenings Magazine

Denise Sherman is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach helping women to improve their IBS symptoms associated with Leaky Gut and Auto-Immunity . As someone who has always been more interested in educating us on what keeps us well rather than treating us after we become sick, Denise left her job as a nurse in 1998 to further her studies in holistic wellness. She became a registered aromatherapist and registered yoga teacher, running her own studio for over 5 years, through which she hosted workshops, led retreats and Girls’ Nite Out get-togethers. Denise divides her time at her lakeside home in beautiful Clermont, Florida (that she shares with 3 furry free-loaders) and on board her beloved sailboat, Sunday II on Florida’s magical Treasure Coast.

My Story

My debilitating IBS didn’t just happen out of the blue. It bubbled beneath the surface for decades disguised as annoying symptoms that I just chalked up to being part of who I am. It runs in the family. Nothing I can do about it. Or so I thought.

As a child, I always had "tummy issues". I would go for days without having a bowel movement, reluctantly having to tell my mom and she would break out the arsenal: laxatives, suppositories and/or the dreaded enema. Inevitably, my constipation would turn to diarrhea and then spoonfuls of the pink stuff would come to the rescue and... so it went: A day in my life.

The symptoms and consequences progressed. I began having painful, heavy periods, debilitating migraines, depression and paralyzing anxiety attacks in addition to the digestive rollercoaster. I had no idea that my “digestive chaos” was connected to my migraines and moods, nor that it would lead to Graves’ Disease. But the digestive issues were indeed at the core and beginning to interfere with things I enjoyed: outdoor on-the water activities, kayaking, boating… I even came to dread offshore sailing with my husband and friends. Something I once loved. But I was often exhausted and constantly worried about my IBS when aboard. Going miles offshore in close quarters with others sharing only one "head" made my already nervous stomach even more nervous! I was no longer able to ignore my IBS. It was ruling my life!

Ironically, when I became my sickest, I was the healthiest person I knew! I was fit and active and ate super healthy: whole grains, everything organic, salads loaded with “superfoods”. So what the heck? I knew about Celiac disease and I didn’t want that label, but my symptoms were classic indicators. I knew one area I had to address to desperately turn things around - gluten.

I certainly knew what it was like to live in a constant state of being "glutened". I remember being utterly dismayed at the "permanent 3-month pregnant belly" I had developed! I could no longer suck it in. It was solid and wasn’t going away with my usual diet and exercise. Luckily, taking gluten off my plate helped. But that was a lot easier said than done because gluten is in absolutely everything! It’s also just ONE piece of the puzzle. But, indeed was a pivotal piece that helped me gain control of my health, allowed my gut to heal and I soon came to realize that I’m not condemned to a life of belly bloat, brain fog and burn-out!

I love now that I no longer worry about those embarrassing dashes to the toilet. Fear of being in close quarters is a thing of the past. I can now step off that dock with the energy and confidence to get back on the boat and sail into the life I love so much.

I have learned so much about IBS and more that helped me along the way to enjoy this vibrantly healthy life that I now live. But I sure didn't start out that way.

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Denver, CO

Before I started working with Denise, I was carrying around extra weight, my energy was almost non-existent and I suffered from frequent migraines and joint pain. With Denise’s guidance, I lost 15 pounds in just the first few weeks and now, 6 months later, I am 45 pounds lighter and feeling better than I have felt in years. Denise was right alongside me the whole time, cheering me on and keeping me accountable. In the beginning, I had so many questions as I knew I needed to cut out processed foods, gluten and sugar, but beyond that, I had no idea what to eat! Denise answered my many questions, helped me tweak my favorite recipes to include healthier swaps and gave me simple ideas to get my body moving. I can now have my occasional “treat days” without fear of reverting back to my old ways of eating. Denise’s guidance is helping me to stay on course.

Terran B.

Portland TN

Before I started working with Denise, I was suffering from pain and arthritis in my hips and shoulders which was interfering with my normally active lifestyle. I had never heard of leaky gut before, but once Denise explained what it was, I was pretty sure I had it! This motivated me to adjust my lifestyle and decrease my intake of convenience foods. After working with Denise I have less pain in my hip and shoulders which means my workouts are longer and more intense (the way I like it). I didn’t really need to lose weight, but feel my weight has been re-distributed in a good way! Denise is always right there to answer questions and offer suggestions. She is extremely knowledgeable, supportive, and flexible. Denise has a genuine desire to utilize her treasure trove of knowledge and experience to help those who are ready to be helped. She is a good listener, organized, and always on top of whatever the issue is. Denise is very professional, attentive, and you will get results!

Gina C.

Clermont, FL

Before working with Denise, I had a lack of energy and many food sensitivities resulting in upset stomach or bloating. Since working with Denise, I have lost 9lbs and slimmed my belly! I have a much better understanding of myself, why I react as I do to certain situations and realize how far back issues surrounding food actually go. I was able to identify some foods that caused me serious digestive issues, namely gluten and dairy. It has been great working with Denise. She is very caring and understands the difficulties that you are going through. She is never judgmental and frequently reminds you to be kind to yourself. Denise allows you space to talk and she REALLY listens to you. This helps you realize things about yourself that you never knew before.

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